``Being able to increase programme capacity has allowed some of our swim schools to eliminate waiting lists through use of platforms providing an instant return on our investment.``

Shani Gold, Swim Development Manager, Virgin Active

About the platform

Pool Platforms create a solid swim teaching standing platform in the water. The platform is designed to assist in the delivery of swimming lessons in deeper water or shallow water where students are unable to touch the bottom of the pool and it has been created especially with swim schools, leisure companies, pool operators and schools in mind.

They provide swim schools with a safe learning environment for their students. A confident and happy student who feels safe will progress faster and Swimming Instructors can fully utilise the space that is available to them within their lessons.


the student numbers within your existing pool space


deep water space for beginner lessons


a shallow area in deep water


lesson quality and creativity


more swim school revenue

Technical Specifications


Splash Deck is made using hard wearing and specifically designed moulded plastic tubes and covered in a double strength mesh and industrially stitched to avoid wear and tear.

Specially bonded corner guards are added to give added durability and to protect the mesh.

Quality Assurance

Splash Deck has been independently tested to assess for weight loading and build quality by a leading testing and certification body under The General Product Safety Directive 2001/95/EC. Every platform can withstand a massive 200kg load weight and are designed to allow for 3 – 4 (standard) or 5 – 6 children (large) in mind.

Large Platform

184cm x 65cm x 50cm (L x W x H)/ 18kg

Standard Platform

124cm x 65cm x 50cm (L x W x H)/ 14kg

Branded Platforms

We can easily identify the name of your company on your platform. We use high quality digital textile printing on the platform mesh so that your logo is clearly noticeable both in and out of the swimming pool.

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